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This is world peace formula forever with reasons of war and practical solution to finish it by neutral Muslim Scholar, Moulana Abrar Alam Pakistani. It is also available in PDF format here.


Why there are bomb blasts and wars in the world?

Because there are various religions in the world and there are many differences among them. So the followers of all religion want to progress their religions and end other religions from the world.

How we can end the differences of religions?

We cannot end these religious wars and these religious differences from the world but only by establish an international peace forum that we can research which religion is right from various religions in the world and then apply that religion in the world forever that can end differences of religions forever and then end the wars which is the reason for all problems.

How we can stop the atomic wars and save the world from destruction?

It is sure that there is sign of atomic wars in the world because the India is a country of Hindu religion which prepared many atom bombs, nuclear missiles and other dangerous weapons. Because, they fear that Muslim countries, Christian countries, Jews countries and other religion countries may attack on them in future. So, it is clear that the India feels that all other countries are their enemies.

Similarly, the Muslim countries, Christian countries, Jews countries and all other religion countries prepared atom bombs, nuclear missiles and other dangerous weapons for the same purpose as I have said about the India. So, it is cleared that there is a sign of atomic wars among these religion countries and it is possible that these atomic wars can begin by any reason at any time among them because it is sure that everything is created to be used so there are many bombs made for use. Suppose that if these atom bombs, nuclear missiles and other dangerous weapons will be used then what will happen in the world and what will be condition of mankind?

So, it is necessary for us that we stop these atomic wars as fast as possible and the way to stop this is that we organize an international religious forum immediately who research and discuss that which religion is right in the sight of God who created this universe. Because, when the mankind will obey only one religion then the differences of religions will be ended itself.

What are disadvantages of atomic wars?

It is obvious on every person who has right knowledge and wisdom that disadvantages of atomic wars are out of thoughts. For sometimes, we can study the condition of country Hiroshima and we can see disadvantages of atom bomb there. We cannot explain that how much money had spent in preparation of atomic bombs and other dangerous weapons, and how much money is being spent to save these bombs.

What are conditions of mankind in the world at this time?

The condition of mankind in the world is extremely bad in majority because they have not have enough food for eat, fresh water for drink, useful clothes for wearing, houses for living, medicines for illness specially in rural and urban areas of all countries in the world. I think the solution of these problems is only money but governments have no money left to spend for these problems. Because, they are compulsively spending approx. 75% money on atom bombs and weapons for defense their countries in the situation of religious wars.

I think that if the religious differences end and establish only one true religion to the God in the world then this money will be saved for humanity and their problems that have been described above will be solved easily.

Do we need to change the map of the world?

No, absolutely no! We don’t need to change the map of the world, and all countries will remain same in present condition and the public will choose their governors in their countries for republic government.


The condition of mankind in the world:

According to my research the condition of mankind in villages areas is that 70% mankind Muslims and Non-Muslims are living in poverty and necessity that they do not have houses for living, suitable foods for eating, fresh water for drinking, necessary clothes for wearing, money for treatment of illness and education for their children and there are also many educated and uneducated people in cities without jobs or services. When you talk to government of Muslims and Non-Muslims of the world to solve problems of these people, they say that they do not have enough money to spend on their peoples’ need.

The reality is that they say true because they are spending 70% money from their income to defend of their country by fear of circumstances that other enemy countries may attack on them.

The quantity of atom bombs, missiles and modern weapons in the world:

The reality is that there are many atom bombs, missiles and modern weapons that can destroy the whole world about 10 times. According to my research, all mankind is in beginning are from one father and one mother Adam and his Wife Hawwa (Peace Be Upon Him). Though, we call them Jews, Hindus, Christians and Muslims due to differences of religions. So all mankind by this way are brothers and sisters among them. But it is sad that instead they should live among them with love and unity they are enemies to each other. Is it not amazing that they have prepared atom bombs, missiles and other dangerous weapons to end each other from the world?

World Peace Formula:

According to my thinking and research that the reason of all above conditions is that there are major differences in all religions of the world. Due to this reason, there were many religious wars in the past and these religious wars and bomb blasts are continue underground until now. But if I say that these religious wars will remain same and continue in future in the world and the world is going to be destroyed, it will not be wrong. I have world peace formula forever that we should establish only one religion in whole world which is surely true and lovely near to creator of this universe and we should cancel all other religions. Because, the purpose of a religion is to be a source of knowing the way for worshipping and obeying to God. It is perfect near to all religions that the creator of this universe is only one whose name is Allah in Arabic language, God in English language, Khuda in Persian language and Bhagwan in Hindi language. So the true religion at a time near to the God should be only one.

It is impossible that at a time the creator of this universe has permitted many different religions to guide the mankind the way of his worship and let the followers of different religions to become enemies for each other and start the atomic war to finish each other from the world for pleasure of their God?

So we all mankind should research that which religion is only one and true near to the creator Allah that we can establish in the world and save the money which we spend on atom bombs, missiles and dangerous weapons and use this money on the mankind who are not able to complete their basic necessities. By this way, we can live on the Earth with love and unity. I do not advice the mankind to change the map of the world, but I say to establish only one religion in the world and all countries will remain as same as they are in present condition. The people of all countries will choose their governors by their votes as it is in republic countries and the army, police and courts will remain active to solve minor differences and quarrel among them.

An appeal to all mankind of the world:

In last, I request to the mankind of the world that if you agree with my document then please support us, discuss with us so that we can search a true religion and establish it in the whole world otherwise the mankind of the world cannot establish peace in the world forever and cannot stop the bomb blasts and religious atomic wars in future, and they cannot solve the problems of 70% poor mankind but only by the establishment of one religion in the world from various religions.

I hope that the mankind of the world will give attention to my “world peace formula” before the atomic religious war begins. Without ending the differences of religions and establish the only one rightful religion, I have no second peace formula for establishment of peace in the world.

Join us and discuss openly on this issue. May Allah Almighty give common sense and right guidance to sons and daughters of first man Adam and first lady Hawwa (Peace Be Upon Him) that they will be able to serve the creator Allah and may Allah guide us to his true and lovely religion.

An Announcement:

I request to readers of this peace formula that if you agree to this and you think that it will be useful for other Muslim and Non-Muslim brothers and sisters if they read it, then copy or print it and spread in people for pleasure of your Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), his family, his companions and your relatives.

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