Why is Hinduism NOT The Best Religion? Why Are Hindus Not Great?

Zeeshan Arshad
4 min readApr 12, 2023

There was a question on Quora “Why is Hinduism the best religion? Why are Hindus great?” in response to which I answered the following.

If Hinduism is the best religion then would you like to go naked in the public and walk in university and go in front of small children showing them your private parts to invoke their lust and make their minds dirty being a Hindu?

If yes, then feel free to join them.

If you think Hindu men are great for showing their nude bodies to women then tell me for what reason?

If you are a male then you surely know what you think inside your mindset when you see a beautiful woman, don’t you desire to have sex with beautiful woman or have feel lust inside your heart or desire to date with her on beach, restaurant or somewhere else in private room?

Then tell me what those Hindu men who want women of society to be nude, desire from them? It is clear for anyone who can use his common sense and those who do not use their brain are worst than animals since animals are such kind of creatures who do sex in front of people without caring what people think about them.

Now tell me about a few questions with open mind and heart.

Would you love sending your wife, sister or mother nude in public to allow Hindu men touch their private parts and perform sex with them or even just stare their nude bodies? Yes or No!

Would you love that strangers look at nude bodies of your wife, sister or mother in all over the world through photos and videos? Yes or No!

Is that embarrassment or happiness?

Be honest and you will know the truth of this religion.

Then what do those men who proclaim their connection with the God and worship so many gods and goddesses, demand from the society?

Nudity? Porn? Sex? Rape? Crimes? Child Abuse?

Do you believe that God (if exist) is such shameless and stupid that he will promote nudity, porn, sex and rapes in the world and be happy looking at these kind of men nude all around and stripping out dresses of women?

If not then you know the answer why Hinduism cannot be the greatest religion of the world, it is pure common sense that can easily be understood.

Further, tell me why do we have news when experts come on media and talk against the sexual abuses? Why do women of Hindus talk against sexual harassment if it is part of their culture to show their nude bodies?

And if being nude in public really part of Hinduism and it is one hundred percent true then why do not all Hindu women become naked and stay nude in public and follow the teachings of their Hindu religion perfectly and completely?

I do not think any human on planet earth who can use his common sense and mind would ever agree on such dirty acts of nudity, sex, rape to be good for humanity — specially for innocent women who are being mentally, sexually, emotionally tortured to the depression and darkness to suffer being suicidal.

STOP THAT BS and EXPLOITING WOMEN in the name of fake gods and goddess!

Do you still ask “why are Hindus great?”

I have no doubt that why are Hindus not great based on what I have written and shared with evidences and I have no doubt that those who love promoting nudity, sex, rapes in society are friends of Evil and Devils — not friends of God.