Who is the Person with Permanent Divine Immunity from Coronavirus in 21st Century?

Since thousands of centuries human beings tried to deceive millions to billions of their followers in the name of God.

They wanted to mislead human beings for their worldly benefit so they invented and fabricated their own versions of gods to keep control and hold on human beings.

The real God of all human beings and the KING of universe and the master of everything who is all-knowing, was observing all of this happening.

From time to time the KING of universe created special human beings of his choices for his purpose and made them prophets to guide the mankind about His identity in their times from first prophet till last prophet.

After His last prophet the followers of last prophet were responsible to take the message of the KING and inform about His identity and kingdom to the people of this world who were not aware of the real God.

However, the same like followers of false gods the majority of people who claim to believe in true God also got diverted by worldly desires and devils and they stopped performing their important duties.

The result appeared that the majority of population of the world went into darkness of their lives without realizing that they’re truly disconnected from the God and creator of the universe, THE KING!

And, majority of mankind invented atomic destructive weapons by investing trillions of dollars to kill and destroy each others and they practically destroyed countries of each others and killed millions of innocent people in the name of gods.

And, they never truly invested such amount and efforts on investigating and solving first “who created the world”?

The Legend Born

In 21st century, the KING created and sent one child to take the responsibility of this mission for God of nature and work for Him to start unwrapping the clouds, clutters, confusions from mindset of mankind and start shifting their mindset and beliefs from imaginary gods to the real God of the universe.

By the time that child was born, he was a born legend but he had no idea that he’s the legend of the 21st century.

Until the time he reached to 40 years, he had been witnessing miraculous events in his life time to time by the KING who were showing His signs, guiding him, leading him to the path that was created for him to reach to the destination for the gifts he had to pick to work for the mission of his life.

To save the mankind from living in deception and dying in deception of imaginary gods.

Before the time he was reaching the 40, the KING sent coronavirus in the world and quickly the coronavirus wrapped the whole world by the command of KING and people went into extreme fearful condition.

Coronavirus truly and practically revealed that imaginary gods were not helpful at all.

The Game of Death Started

More than 1.5 million people had died by the coronavirus including but not limited to army officers, scientists, doctors, researchers, martial artists, wrestlers, sportsman, mental and physical health experts, religious and spiritual leaders, common people and even children.

It was not possible for anyone from human being in the world to remain fearless from coronavirus specially those who were dealing patients of coronavirus except a Muslim Man in the world who was fearless, proactive, marketing, writing, promoting, contacting, informing and doing his efforts to bring it into attention of authorities to seek his help for coronavirus patients.

But… he was IGNORED like HELL!

Coronavirus Divine Shield Endowed by the KING

After arrival of the coronavirus, the KING started several trials for the legend before bringing him to appear in front of the world and made him fall into toughest difficult trials of his life he ever went through and he was disbelieved, ignored, pushed back, insulted and degraded.

As a result more than 1.5 million people died by coronavirus for not getting informed through mass media, journalists, news reporters and other professionals who could save lives of millions of people and were contacted by the Muslim Man.

People were not able to believe that is it possible that someone who is unknown to the physical visible world just appeared and claimed that he has divine immunity forever from coronavirus endowed by the God of Islam.

And not only this, how could he claim that he is the one who has permanent and perfect solution for coronavirus and capable to heal and cure the corona patients not just physical but globally right from his home upon one condition that officials make a deal with him to let him help the world?

Thus, disbelievers lost millions of their beloved as a result.

Muslim Man for Corona

On the other hand, the KING was observing whatever was happening with his legend.

So as a reward for him the KING made him Muslim Man for Corona and assigned the crown for official appearance to deal patients of coronavirus.

And then he initiated the “Coronavirus Treatment Center” to help coronavirus affected patients wirelessly from his home through prayers of his legendary team and support of his spiritual mentor “Moulana Abrar Alam (Spiritual Doctor, Muslim Religious Scholar)” to help corona patients get rid of their coronavirus or its symptoms within seven days by the command of the ALLAH the KING of the universe.

He’s the Muslim Man of Islam and The Legend of ALLAH in 21st century by ALLAH the KING of the universe and Muslim Man is the follower of His Last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who came in physical world 1400 years ago from the time of 21st century.



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