Who is Shah Yaqeeq Baba?

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Shah Yaqeeq Baba is a Sunni Muslim Saint of religion Islam.

He was martyred 500 years ago since then his soul has been curing the incurable patients spiritually while his dead body is buried inside his grave.

He has been featured for his miraculous work through his souls while his body is inside his grave which is an open miracle on truth of religion Islam by the mercy, permission and command of Allah the God of Islam.

Interview at Shrine of Shah Yaqeeq Baba by Moulana Abrar Alam (Hindi / Urdu)

News TV Channel Reports

Here are some media reports from official news TV channels and media sources of Pakistan about healing work of the Soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba.

News Sources

Shrine Location

Address: Shrine Hazrat Shah Aqeeq, Village Chohar Jamali, District Thatta, Province Sindh, Pakistan
Nearby cities: Chuhar Jamali, Jati, Musafir Khana

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some Muslim scholars say that there are devils on his shrine who treat incurable diseases?

They lie, period. If there are devils on shrine of Shah Yaqeeq Baba who are healing and curing the incurable patients then why such devils are not doing the same work on shrines of many other dead Muslims? And why devils are not healing and curing the incurable patients on shrines of all dead Non-Muslims?

Is this fake, scam or magic?

It is reality on truth of religion Islam of Allah the only true God of universe, worthy of all worship alone. He provided this ability of curing the incurable to the Soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba so now he performs such miraculous healing and treatment work that no soul of any dead non-Muslims can ever perform after their death. If you have any doubt in it then bring any soul of a dead non-Muslim who has been curing the incurable patients by performing medical operations and surgeries and also got featured by official news TV channels of that country including BBC but if you failed to do it then accept that Soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba is a clear sign on truth of religion Islam.

Why main stream mass media of Non-Muslim don’t tell or spread about Shah Yaqeeq Baba on broad level to inform billions of Non-Muslims of the world if this is 100% true and a reality of the 21st century?

BBC is a British Broadcasting Company by Non-Muslims, founded by Govt. of United Kingdo and it has reported about Soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba so accept it and enter in Islam now because you have seen enough clear proofs & extraordinary evidences from official news TV channels from Pakistan as well so there is no point to remain disbeliever by not using your common sense.

Why international Muslim scholars are not much talking about Shah Yaqeeq Baba in English language in front of their global audience?

Graves and Shrines are very controversial topics among most Muslim scholars of the world therefore they will never speak and promote Soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba and they have never done their proper research on this topic therefore they do not have any true and deep awareness. They consider Shrine of Shah Yaqeeq Baba as the place of “grave worship” therefore Soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba is not wide spreaded in English language in the world.

Questions to Non-Muslims

1) Why do you accept news if they are in your favor and why do you deny news if they are against your beliefs?

2) If soul does not exist then WHO has been performing treatment, medical operations and surgeries of incurable patients on shrine of Shah Yaqeeq Baba?

3) Are dead Non-Muslims doing medical treatement and operations of incurable patients?

4) Why souls of dead non-Muslims cannot do surgeries of incurable patients?

5) How does Soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba cure the incurable patients if Allah is not true God?

6) If Allah is an imagiary God then who gave healing powers to Soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba?

7) Why do not dead non-Muslims have spiritual powers for curing the incurable after their death if they are worshippers of true God?



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