Stop Hiding Shy Service Providers

Zeeshan Arshad
2 min readOct 8, 2020

You’re just playing safe by hiding your extraordinary results from the world as a shy high achiever because you’ve inner fears, staying at bottom level is not your game as an introvert, you’ve high potential energies and talents awaiting to be seen by the world.

You have to come up and show yourself to the world with your extraordinary abilities, achievements, track records and how you help your clients in business behind the screen if you want to play the next level game.

Most people from external world including social media platforms will not come to go inside your heart and understand your painful situation because they’ve no idea what’s going inside your heart, mind and soul.

You’re suffering shyness because you’ve been engraved daggers within yourself from the society and pushed back so hard since your childhood so you’re bleeding in fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubts, and have no courage to break your cage.

This is why you’re suffering alone in the dark.

Who the hell are you expecting from the heaven to come for you if you don’t seek help of someone who’s walked through the journey where you’re suffering now?

That doesn’t happen and you don’t know in the world of internet who really is trustable, reliable, honest and real person to help you break the cage, help you shake the heart of others and show yourself by conquering your fears and unleash the warrior within.

These countless overnight info-based readers and sellers can’t understand your deep wound emotions because they never experienced your feelings so there is a disconnection.

The only one who can understand you is the one who was among you and now flying in the Sky like an eagle with heart of a lion and give a zero damn to the public what they think of him.

Stop expecting from extroverts. Stop expecting angels from heavens. Stop expecting love from those who can’t feel you.

Only God helps in real, and according to the system of universe we must have someone sincere enough for us to lead the journey and grab his hand to follow up because only he/she knows this video game of life and can help to clear tough levels till the last round where you can pick your own crown, shield and sword and appear to the world with your true self and mission by heart.

I’ve gone through my journey and destroyed the cage:

It is not impossible to become your own legendary version and I’m a real living example of it.

So what’s your story and where are you standing in your life now?



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