To help you write short bio

Zeeshan Arshad
1 min readMar 26


Third Person Template

[Full Name] is a [job title] who [believes/knows] in the power of [what you do]. [He/She/They] began their journey in [field] by [how you got started in the field], and now dreams of [what you hope to accomplish].

[His/Her/Their] biggest accomplishment to date has been [your biggest accomplishment].

[Full Name] lives in [where you live] and participates in [a hobby/interest].

To get in touch with [Full Name], call/email/message me on [how you’d like to be contacted].

First Person Template

I am a [job title] who helps [who you help] [what you help them do]. It’s my belief that [your unique perspective on the field].

In the past [# of years] years, I’ve [major accomplishment #1] through [how you accomplished it].

I have a passion for [your professional passion], but on the side, I also enjoy [personal passion].

Get in touch with me today at [contact info] — I look forward to talking with you about [what you want to talk to your readers about].