Shah Yaqeeq Baba’s Soul Curing the Incurable Patients Spiritually

Zeeshan Arshad
2 min readMar 1


Martyr Shah Yaqeeq Baba — The Spiritual Surgeon Soul & Medical Spiritual Surgeon

Meet the Spiritual Surgeon Soul aka Roohani Surgeon, Shah Yaqeeq Baba. The Muslim Martyr and Saint whose soul has been performing medical operations for the last 500 years to heal and recover incurable patients from their incurable disease by the Power of Allah (God of Islam).

Official TV / News Sources (Urdu Language)

ENGLISH VIDEOS: For International Audience

These videos will help you learn and understand better about Soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba in English language with overall summary, introduction, location, etc so that if you love traveling and exploring spiritual locations then it will help you visit his shrine in Thatta city of Pakistan.

Shah Yaqeeq Baba — Official Trailer

Shah Yaqeeq Baba — One Minute Introduction

Shah Yaqeeq Baba — Quick Guide with Contact Information of Pakistani Media News Channels

Shah Yaqeeq Baba — BBC Urdu News Pakistan

Shah Yaqeeq Baba —Shrine Address and Location in Pakistan

Shah Yaqeeq Baba — Spiritual Powers

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