Sex Sex Sex — Do They Think Women Are A Sex Toy or Tissue Paper?

Zeeshan Arshad
3 min readJan 13, 2021


I was on Facebook where I read a post by a woman:

Sex….Sex…Sex… most of boy looking online partners for just their lust and fun, they think girls are a sex toy or tissue paper. Specially when they see any single mom they think it’s next target, they miss behave with single mom it’s very cheap thing….

l mean come on guys, girls not a sex toy we all need to respect, girls like own mom and sister, And whenever you see any single mom then just see her effort and hard work to manage her family.

We need to respect every girl , did you forget that moment when your mom give you birth…? did you forget that moment when your sister hug you…?

If you really want that someone respect you, ALLAH respect you then respect woman, if you want true love in life just try to give respect to woman.

Try to make them smile and specifically single mom, because they are a exemple of a perfect who fight and never gives up,

So….stop playing with girls heart other wise life play with you.

stay safe…stay healthy…and stay strong…

I want to say something…

They won’t stop it easily because they’re mostly porn addicted and their mindset is brainwashed so they look women as their next toy to play, use and throw away.

Women should not be deceived by every man’s sweet words and golden lovely future dreams in private conversations and immediately refrain from considering them as their true companions and helper for future lifetime.

Learn from mistakes of women who have been raped in the name of fake love.

Sincere men prefer to marry or ask for proposal, not time pass for a long-term gameplay in hope to bite the women.

Men with bad intentions are very experienced in trapping women so they know what they should do and they use their psychological tactics against women.

Many women fall into their trap of love by falling into the sympathetic words of such bad men.

I have professionally helped countless women through 1:1 mindset transformation chat so I have a good experience of women’s issues that they face from men on the internet and mentally suffer.

Women should learn to IGNORE and don’t let everyone in private conversations get in the their way.

The more you will give such men a chance by argue, the more they will try to be more brave and continue since you’re the one ALLOWING it to happen.

Use IGNORANCE to defend yourself as weapon.

And use FEAR to ATTACK that person by EXPOSING in public (you may give a clear warning before if you want but don’t be so sweet to be eaten by jackals)

You’ve social profile on Facebook.

Stop being coward and living fearful when they show up.

If you needed permission, then I’m giving it to you.

Conquer Your Fears

Unleash the Warrior Within

Show Them. Who. You. Are!

Be Fearless!


And if you feel like coward, fearful and emotionally weak then let me know how long have you been mentally suffering?



Zeeshan Arshad

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