Is it Humanity with 5+ Billion Non-Muslims in the Name of?

Zeeshan Arshad
1 min readSep 25, 2020

It is not humanity for more than 5 billion non-Muslims to be deceived by the true God in the name of spirituality and religion.

Non-Muslim religious and spiritual leaders should refrain from hiding the truth and speak out clearly and truthfully out of the lust for worldly fame and gain from the people so that the truth may come out to the people.

Tell the non-Muslim people that they are worshiping imaginary gods and that is why the dead bodies of non-Muslims stink after death because of their unclean spirits because you kept lying to them and the curse of the true God was upon them.

And because of polytheism and after death they are burning in the fire.

But you will not do that because by doing so, the work of imaginary gods in the name of false spirituality and false religion in the guise of humanity will not work, because most people do not like the one who speaks the pure truth.

And your followers will get out of your hands on whom you want to maintain your worldly rule in the lure of wealth.