Is ALLAH the only true God, and what is the best way to know that He is the true one God?

Zeeshan Arshad
2 min readOct 22, 2020

First of all don’t just read the Quran to believe and don’t listen to any Muslim about ALLAH is the true God based on quotes and references from the Quran — because it will be similar to reading any other religious book and listening to any other religious follower or leader — and you know they do the same to claim their version of God is true based on quotes and references from their religious books.

Does it make sense?


Now first it must be clear that

“A true God is the one who controls the universe and can change laws of nature practically and demonstrate His power by actually doing it and no other claimed god(s) should be able to do it except Him alone”
~ Muslim Man of Islam

According to neutral, natural, observable, physical, repeatable, impartial and practical proofs brought by Muslim Man of Islam in 21st century by the mercy and support of ALLAH — It has been practically revealed that only ALLAH is real God.

Here are some practical and observable proofs that only ALLAH is real God:

It has been practically proved that ALLAH is the real KING of the universe and real God of nature and ALLAH did it all by himself that Muslim Man of Islam researched, explained, organized and represented in 21st century for the people of this world by the mercy of ALLAH!