Everyone in the World was Created Muslim in the Womb

Indeed, everyone in the world was created Muslim in the womb.

If you use common sense and think with open heart and mind then you can see creatures of nature being Muslim.

Indeed, it is Allah who brought all babies out of their mother’s womb as a Muslim too by default and later their parents made them non-Muslims by teaching them names of imaginary gods who could not ever demonstrate their control over creatures of nature like Allah has done in the 21st century.

Now animals, birds and other creatures of nature, including newborn babies, have witnessed with their own mouths, by the command of Allah, the testimony of the name of Allah alone, that the only one true God and Creator of universe is Allah.

So the creature of natures have exposed that there is no God except Allah and non-Muslim religious leaders have been brain washing their followers for their imaginary and self-invented gods against Allah the real God, Creator and God of Nature.

If you’re a truth seeker and need further help in this regards for any doubt then let me know.



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