Don’t Say You Are An Expert in A, B, C, D, E — Do This Instead As A Freelancer

I was reading a post by a freelancer on LinkedIn where following statement was written by him.

// I’m an expert in Data Entry, Lead Generation, Web Scraping, and Can do Basic posts Designs in Illustrator. ///

If you can relate with it then here is my suggestion for you.

There are many business owners who you can position yourself as a Lead Generation Expert, if you’re confident in your skills.

Now let suppose a business owner is selling his services for $2K and you provided that business owner 10 leads and he made 1 sale out of those 10 leads using his closing skills.

It is $2K earning from one sale with your help.

How much can you charge for your service by injecting yourself as an engine into that business for giving prospects like filling petrol in a car?

That’s your deal game, you may even deal for per sale on a percentage, if that is even 25% per sale, you got $500 per sale as a revenue.

So as long as you can help running that business, you can also become a need for that business owner and it can help both of you to bring continuous revenue for earning.

Remember that service providers are not going to die if customers are keep coming and paying for their services.

Data entry and basic post designs in illustrator is not core business problems, there are already dozens of newbie freelancers for such easy work and you can’t earn high income with low level skills specially like Data Entry whether you’re an expert in data entry — the pay is too cheap.

Bring your A level skill in the game of your freelancing business as a service provider.



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