Bring Your Proofs If You Are Truthful

I was in Facebook group of a 7-figure (proclaimed) spiritual entrepreneur where he tried to deceive people in the name of fake god and here is what happened and how he got refuted.

Zeeshan Arshad
4 min readApr 12


Here is what he posted in the name of Jesus (the fake character based on which a false religion Christianity was crafted centuries ago before my arrival in the 21st century by the Command of Allah)

I simply asked him a question and in response he said “yes” followed by his further claims (did he provide any practical proof to support any of his claim? No, absolutely NOT! because he was clearly lying based on his false imagination engraved in his mindset since his childhood by his parents & society around)

You can see that when I asked him practical proof then he simply started giving me instruction about mirror, seriously?

If he was so truthful by making a claim, was not he responsible to show me practical proof and prove himself truthful? Indeed, he was responsible but this is how relgious and spiritual leaders fool the public through their false words.

I represented in front of him my clear message with link of practical proofs, claims of God in his final holy book Quran and the sayings of the last Prophet Muhammadﷺ along with reference links (because I am a real deal on truth of Islam by the Mercy of Almighty King of Universe)

If you look at this newborn baby honestly and listen through your ears then you will clearly hear the name of Allah continuously from the mouth of newborn baby which is an open and irrefutable miracle of Allah, the Creator of babies in wombs of their mothers.

(Allah does not lie in Quran and he proved his true claims through invoking his name from mouth of newborns in the 21st century while the Quran was revealed in 7th century on last Prophet Muhammad)

I gave him real footages within comments and also shared natural things on which name of Allah naturally appeared in Arabic اللہ by the command of Allah since He is the creator and controller of nature and everything in the universe that He created from nothing without support of any creature.

And what that spiritualist did in response?

Here it is…

He simply came up with another false claim by calling newborn babies “bogus” instead of admitting the truth or at least counter them with his own practical proofs but he did not do it.

See how such spiritualists and religious leaders of Christianity lies?

What are these newborn babies saying?

33+ Newborn Babies Say Allah Allah Allah

Did you hear babies crying OR saying name of Allah?

I have given him simple and straight forward message to bring proofs but he will never be able to bring newborn babies in his whole who are saying name of Jesus from their mouth naturally, because Jesus is a false character, with false photo, false videos, false movies, false story and all Christians are deluded by a fictional character since centuries.

The real character name is “Isa”, Son of “Maryam” and he did not have any physical and biological father, he is the human, prophet and servant of Allah who had created him in womb of his mother and he is still alive.

He was never died, never crucified and still living in protection of Allah who will send him back into this 3D world before the Day of Judgement.

Allah had created Adam without father and mother way before He created Isa so what is so big deal here? Indeed, Allah is capable of doing whatever He wills and intends.

The Game of False Character “Jesus” is Over! By the Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

اللہ اکبر، اللہ واحد القہار، الحمدللہ رب العالمین



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