Black Magic on Prophet Muhammadﷺ

Zeeshan Arshad
2 min readJul 29


I was on Facebook where someone posted this in a Facebook group.

It is very common from Non-Muslims, Ex-Muslims, Atheists and Disbeleivers of ALLAH the Mighty King that they pick Hadees, Quran verse or any quote from Muslims which come into their favor to mark bad things against Prophet Muhammadﷺ

But they don’t pick just one thing from Islam that “There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is his last Messenger” because this goes against false beliefs and false religions and false gods of non-Muslims.

Despite this all, I want to say just a few statements that…

Prophet Muhammadﷺ was never affected by any black magic spell, there is no proof on it from Holy Quran.

If you are disbeliever of Prophet Muhammadﷺ, then your belief in such Hadith does not matter to me.

I am firm believer that Prophet Muhammadﷺ is the Holy Prophet and no magician could affect him ever.

There are many spiritualists and Muslim saints of Islam and I personally know one Muslim Saint of Islam who claim that he cannot be affected by black magic and no magician of non-muslim can destory his powers but he can finish all powers of any non-Muslim.

This is the level of just a follower of the last Prophet Muhammad then what would be the level of the Leader of such follower?

Therefore, I strongly and firmly believe that the story of black magic affected Prophet Muhammadﷺ and caused him loss control of mind, forgetting things, and such things listed against him, are COMPLETELY FABRICATED & FAKE to defame the personality of last Prophet Muhammadﷺ of ALLAH the MIGHTY KING of Universe.

Liars have put so many fabricated hadith against him to bad mark his personality, shame on them and those who are such an idiot with beliefs on such lies which come in their favor only due to their own bad and dirty intentions, evils.

Allahu Akbar



Zeeshan Arshad

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