Belief vs Fact

Zeeshan Arshad
1 min readMar 6, 2023


A belief is based on what you have been told and what you personally hold as true. A belief doesn’t need to be supported with factual evidence in order for it to exist and be powerful. We hold beliefs close to our hearts.

Some people sacrifice their lives in order to preserve and promote a belief that they possess. When you learn a belief as a child, you integrate that belief into your life.

When someone tell you a different belief, even if that person provides you irrefutable evidences that support their belief, you can easily and blindly state that their facts are incorrect.

You stick to arrogance in front of the truth; Although you have no irrefutable and observable evidences to prove your beliefs true.


something that actually exists; reality; truth

something known to exist or to have happened


  • space travel is now a fact
  • actual experience or observation

A statement that can be proven to be true by the use of evidence.

Fact go beyond theories; they are proven through experience.