Batman and Joker — A Story Written by My Son in 2019

Children are often very creative since their childhood but society turn them away from their creativity by forcing them learn their systems which are not truly for every child. Every child is born Muslim but their parents convert them into Non-Muslims. For devils, super hero has to come to fight and defeat them!

Zeeshan Arshad
2 min readApr 28, 2023


THE BATMAN is a very powerful BAT.

He called the king of BATS.

There is a very bad Joker.

Who kill everyone.

When Batman Know Who is joker

HE killed the Joker.

Batman Wins.

Note: The enemy of all mankind is Satan and he is causing stress, depression, anxiety, rebels, enmity, jealousy, murders, hatred, wars, poverty etc raise in the world and keep people suffer to remain in their darknesss. In order to defeat Satan, Musliman has to come! As Legend of ALLAH (اللہ)



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