Advantages and Disadvantages for the Child of Having A Large Number of Toys

Zeeshan [Legendary Freelancer]
2 min readMay 24, 2019


It’s very common to buy toys for children and their importance cannot be denied. I think that children enjoy toys more than anything else that they cry so loud if parents don’t buy toys for them. However, in some cases parents buy a large number of toys for their children which has its own advantages and disadvantages.


When we look at advantages then it is quite common that having a lot of toys is like a kingdom of treasures for a child. They will love playing with them and get involved in creativity and intellectual activities.

Without having fear of breaking, destroying and losing toys a child can manipulate anything the way his mind processes to do. In addition, toys like bike, football and other related items increase helping their physical strength and growth.

Modern toys like mobile phones, video gaming consoles, virtual reality headsets are some examples of most attractive entertainment children enjoy at their home without getting bored for several hours which in many cases help their mothers perform various household activities with ease.


On the other hand, having a lot of toys brings some disadvantages too. It is very hard to prevent children from using mobile phones and especially when they are playing games and watching YouTube videos.

Furthermore, a serious issue in this regard is open platform where it is not commonly possible for most parents to even know what their children are watching on the internet where they can see adults only contents.

Since in modern trend it is common to give mobile phones and indoor toys therefore it is affecting social activities of children.

Most of the time they are stuck watching screen with bad neck position that may really hurt them later on. Children also dislike to study if they are so busy with a lots of toys. Parents are not able to have control on their children easily.


We can understand with above advantages and disadvantages that having a lot of toys is affecting children health, manners and social activities more than that they are only enjoying and playing. It means that having a lot of toys is not very good. However, there is no such harm in buying only necessary toys when required in order to limit excessive usage.

So what is your point of view in this regard?



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